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15 Tips and Tricks for Hotmail User

Last Updated: 1st April 2021

With the users of 400 million approximately, Hotmail is one of the largest email service. It is one of the best email service. Now Hotmail is termed as Outlook. Its new interface is very user friendly. It offers a 7GB of cloud storage. Also, it cares about your privacy, personal conversations and you can control your data. Hotmail users are increasing in number day by day. Some of the best features are still not explored by the most of the users. Some of the tricks you should know if you are Hotmail user are mentioned below.

If you have Hotmail email ID you have virtually unlimited ID

You can use '+' sign after your username with combination of words and number. For example, "[email protected]" can be used for your twitter account. Similarly, "[email protected]" can be used for your Facebook account. Which means you have virtually infinite number of email address.

Unlimited storage virtually

There is a unique feature in Hotmail. That it's virtually storage increases automatically. Which mean if you are running out of space Microsoft will automatically increase your storage. But unfortunately, if your inbox is growing very fast it won’t increase your storage.

Recover deleted messages

One of the unique feature offered by the Hotmail is that it allows user to recover the email. It is very helpful when we have accidentally deleted the email. You can easily recover the email.

Instant action button

This button is present near the sender name. You can select this button to save time to delete, flag or marking a message without taking much of your time. There is an option in which you can also customize your instant button.

Using single code sign in

There is a feature in which you can use a single code to sign in. This is one time use code. This feature is very useful when you are using a public computer and don't want to use your password.

Making your email ID exclusive

One of the featured offer by Hotmail is being exclusive. You can easily turn on exclusive receiving. Which means only people from your contact can send you messages. You won't receive messages from people other then your contacts.

Creating email alias

At times you want to create email for some specific job. After that you need to dispose it. For this purpose, outlook enables to make alias. Outlook provides this option.

Rename your email address

This is the service which is only offered by Hotmail. You can easily rename your email address. Your new id will also work same as the old one. However, your new emails will be received at your new address.

Sweeping or cleaning your email

This a very helpful feature allowing you to clean you email easily. This feature allows you to move your email from a specific sender to specific folder. Organize your email or schedule your deleting.

Sorting your email

Unorganized emails can be sorted in Hotmail. You can easily sort your email on the basis of date, time, sender. This make your work easy. You don't have to go through each and every email. If data is not sorted your work will be very messy.

Sending attachment using OneDrive

If your attachment is very large in size. It will be difficult to send it via email. You can send it using OneDrive. Outlook is connected to OneDrive.

POP Account

You can also send email on the behalf of other accounts. Like yahoo, Gmail. But they should be pop account. Which mean all the inboxes at one place. This feature is offered by Outlook.

Social Accounts

You can easily link your social accounts with your outlook account. Twitter, facebook and Instagram can be linked with your Hotmail account.

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