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How to Log Out of Hotmail Account | Hotmail Sign Out

Last Updated: 9th April 2021

If you are new to Hotmail, or if you have just recently signed up with Hotmail, Live, or Outlook email service, chances are you may get boggled finding a log-out option in your account.

It is natural since unlike Gmail (where design is more simple and intuitive) Hotmail is somewhat counter-intuitive when it comes to design.

On the other hand, leaving your account without logging out can prove fatal since your identity and privacy remain at stake, and even worst if you are on a public computer at the office or school, someone may perform any illegal activity using your account. And you may be found guilty of a crime you didn't commit. Horrifying it is, isn't it?

Log Out Procedure

It is so easy, I don't think I can call it a tutorial. It is a straightforward 2-3 step procedure.

  1. 1

    I am assuming you are already at your Hotmail login screen. Your screen will be like this:

    Hotmail account sign out 0
  2. 2

    Now as you see the red arrow pointing towards the profile name button. Click it, and a drop-down will open as shown below.

    Log out of hotmail 1
  3. 3

    You see the sign-out button down there? Yes, just click to log out of your Hotmail account.

    Log out of hotmail 2
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