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List of Functionalities in Hotmail

Last Updated: 18th October 2019

Hotmail now named as outlook is used by large number of users. Its users are increasing in number day by day. It is one of the most used email browsers. Recently it had been completely overhauled. Many new exciting features are added to it. Many of innovative ideas are implemented in this new browser. With this update the users have increased significantly. They have increased the size of attachment, view ability, ability to share the documents online, better interface with mobile. These features are attracting the users. Some of the functionalities of Hotmail are mentioned here in detail.


The new security policy is extraordinary. They have implemented the A level of security. This was being implemented before but to some extent. Now the system has complete A level of security. This featured was introduced before by Gmail but still its good to see implemented by the Hotmail. Security is because one of the biggest concerns of the user.

Edit, view and sharing of Office documents

One feature offered by Hotmail is free Microsoft office web app sharing, view and edit documents online. Without downloading it. All you have to do is to send the documents to yourself. This document can be opened at any time and at anywhere. This document is not present at your computer but on Hotmail cloud, you don't need to have to open your computer. Now you can view your presentation or edit it. After saving it this will be automatically saved at SkyDrive. Slideshow can be run on your computer without having Microsoft Office installed on your computer.

Collaborations of documents real time

If two people want to work on a same document at a same time. This is possible in Hotmail. You can easily work on same document at a same time. For this you have to add file to SkyDrive on which you want to work simultaneously. First step is to click on the file which you want to present on SkyDrive. So that the second person can view it online. You can view the number of people working on the file on the right corner of the screen. Changes made by the other team members are visible to you. It is very friendly interface and anyone can use this function without much of the detail.

Editing and reply

Assume your friend sent you a document which you need to send him back after editing. Normally you would have to download the file then edit it then have to send it back. The disadvantage with this process is that it requires a lot of time. If file is large download time will also be more. There is new feature with Hotmail that enables to edit online and send it back. It allows the user to edit online. You just have to copy it to SkyDrive. The format won't be affected because it is same as that of word. You can edit it online and reply it to the person you want to send.

Sending of large files

One of the biggest drawback in most of the email browsers is that they are unable to send file that is very large in size. This problem is addressed by Hotmail. New Hotmail feature allow you to send document that can be as large as 10GB in size. This is also hosted by the SkyDrive which offers free space of 25GB. When you are sending these large files. Hotmail will save it on SkyDrive and will create a URL. When you send this email to the user it will only send a URL. Recipient can easily download this file. By just clicking on it. There is no restriction of having SkyDrive account for downloading it, which makes it very easy to use this function.

Sending and viewing images

In most of the files you can't send a lot of images. There is a restriction offered by the browser in number of images. Hotmail solves this issue. The process is same as described above. The images are saved at SkyDrive and it generates a URL which you can send to the recipient. You can also view the interactive slideshows of the images that you are sending. There is option of adding comments to the pictures.

Filtering using one click

When social emails are mixed with other emails there is a lot of mess. You can filter the emails by only one click. By clicking it will group the emails. Will separate social emails with remaining emails. This will allow to discriminate between the emails. You don't need to have spend a lot of time in searching for the desired email. All the emails are organized.

Filtering emails with pictures (quick view)

Assume you want to view the emails that contain pictures only. For example, you are looking for past emails with pictures. And there is a lot of emails in your inbox. It will be very hard to search for email with pictures out of these all emails. Hotmail offers a new feature in which by just clicking at the "photos" which is present on the left pane. Will allow to filter the emails with the pictures only. This process can also be used to filter emails with documents attached. By clicking on the documents you will only see the emails which have documents attached to it.

Active viewing

Often people send links of videos and images on Flicker. To view these images and videos you have to click the link open it then you can view it. This is very time consuming. You have to wait to the image and file being load. New feature with Hotmail is that it automatically recognizes the link and category and run the video and image automatically in the email interface. It also adds detail in thumbnail and let you view the image and video right away. Not only videos this option also allow to view slideshows of images at Flicker too. Without visiting the website your time is saved.

Auto complete search

For the ease of user one of the feature added by the Hotmail is auto complete. While searching for something with very large title can be hectic and time consuming some time. Hotmail facilitates the user by auto completing the search it automatically completes the search only by typing first few words of the sentence. This is done by comparing it with most frequent searches and displaying them in the search bar. This saves the time of the user and save him from completing hectic sentences.

Viewing the conversation

One of the feature that email user demands is ease of viewing the conversations. Assume you had some conversation with your friend. This can be done by exchanging or sending the emails to and fro. Hotmail allows all the conversation to be viewed at same place. This can be done by clicking the conversation button. This will open a new window.

Now click on the arrange by button which is present on the right side. Choose conversation again. By choosing this it will show you all the conversation at one place. It will also show the history with date and time of the emails.

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