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How to Attach a File in Hotmail

Last Updated: 11th April 2021

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to attach a file in Hotmail.

  1. 1

    Foremost, launch your browser and sign in to your Hotmail account. You will open up into your inbox.

  2. 2

    On the top of your inbox is a menu bar. The first option in this bar is NEW. This option will open up a new message/email for you.

    In this new message window, you will see your email address at the top and you will also see a flashing cursor asking for a recipient name in the TO bar.

  3. 3

    Click on it and enter the email address of the recipient you want to send the attachment to. Afterward, fill up the SUBJECT bar according to the topic or nature of the attachment.

  4. 4

    Up next is a menu bar heading with INSERT. It contains several options like attachments, docs, photos, etc. We will deal with the attachment portion only in this article. Click on the attachment option with your cursor.

  5. 5

    A small window will pop up having all your computer folders. For example, you have a file in your Documents folder in MY COMPUTER.

    Click on my computer then select document folder and double click on the required file you want to attach.

    The small pop-up window will close and you will see your file icon and a green bar running under or beside it. This green bar shows that your document is being uploaded. As soon as it is uploaded it shows done. The icon shows the type of document attached it can be an MS Office document or a PDF file.

  6. 6

    Now type the body of the mail having formal greetings a message to receive the attachment and end greetings.

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