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Hotmail Login | Hotmail Sign In

Last Updated: 18th July 2021

Are you facing any problems during Hotmail login? Don't worry, just try to log into your Hotmail account via the below-provided link and you are all good! Hotmail used to be a good service in the past but over time they have burdened themselves by introducing a plethora of services like Skype, OneDrive, Windows Essentials, and SkyDrive to name a few.

Hotmail Login

Login into Hotmail

Follow the tutorial below to quickly log into your hotmail account.

    Step 1: Hotmail Sign In

  1. 1

    Hotmail is now called "Live" which you can log in by typing in the address bar. But even if you type you can proceed to a similar login page. You can also login into your Hotmail account at

    Hotmail login 0
  2. Step 2: Input Hotmail ID or Phone or Skype Handle

  3. 2a

    On the login screen that appeared, type your Hotmail email address. Alternatively, you can enter your associated phone number or Skype handle. Press "Next".

    Hotmail login 1
  4. 2b

    If you don't have a Hotmail account yet then hit the "Create one" button to sign up for one.

    Hotmail login 2
  5. Step 3: Enter Hotmail Account Password

  6. 3a

    A screen will pop up as you proceed through the last step asking for a password. Check the "Keep me signed in" box if you want to stay logged in for a long time.

    Hotmail account sign in 3
  7. 3b

    If you forgot your password then don't worry just click the "Forgot my password" link at bottom of the Hotmail login window depicted below. If you are new to password recovery and want help then follow our Hotmail password recovery tutorial.

    Hotmail account sign in 4
  8. 3c

    The login transition may take few seconds to proceed, till then you see this screen.

    Hotmail account sign in 5
  9. Step 4: Login Successful - Hurray!

  10. 4

    You just successfully logged into your Hotmail account.

    Hotmail account sign in 6

Common Hotmail Login Problems

  1. Sign Up for Hotmail

    Since Hotmail has been retired and Live & Outlook is the replacement many elderly people (who comprise majority of Hotmail account holders) get messed up on how to make another email account. Read our Live account sign up tutorial to find step-by-step approach to create Microsoft based email account.

  2. Recovering Lost Hotmail Password

    It is very disturbing to be in such a situation. Don't feel guilty as it happens to almost everyone at some point in time. Flush out frustration, take a deep breath & follow our swift step-by-step Hotmail/Live password recovery guide.

  3. Logging out of Hotmail Account

    New users of Hotmail often have difficulty finding log out button in Hotmail account. This is even more stressful if you realize you are on a public computer and in hurry. Leaving your account without logging out is fatal and may lead to compromised account security, hacking or even criminal charges as someone may commit a crime using your Hotmail account.

Just know how to properly log out of your Hotmail account every time you are at public computer.

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